Science Club

Science Club was started in the early 1980’s under the leadership of Brinson Hughes. It is student-led to promote scientific inquiry and increase student participation in science activities outside the classroom with experimentation in the sciences including chemistry, biology, biotechnology, physics, and robotics engineering. Students in the club compete in Science Quiz Bowl, Science Olympiad, Science Problem Solving Bowl, and/or Science Fair. All students are expected to compete in one event during the school year. Many members tutor students during the school year as part of their service pledge. Science Club meets the second Wednesday of each month and any other times necessary to practice for competition or play with science! An all-school recycling program is planned with future guest speakers from the Hatch Nuclear Power Plant, Department of Natural Resources, and Sheriff’s Department. Community service is a component of Science club’s charter, and plans are developing to host a community-wide Science Fest for young children and their parents to increase their awareness of and participation in science.