SWLE PBIS Mission Statement:

At Southwest Laurens Elementary, we aim to develop positive, hard-working, respectful achievers.



The main focus of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is to provide a clear system for all expected behaviors at Southwest Laurens Elementary School. While many faculty and students may have assumptions of what is expected behavior, we cannot assume that everyone’s beliefs are similar. Through PBIS, we will work to create and maintain a productive, safe environment in which ALL school community members have clear expectations and understandings of their role in the educational process.


SWLE Behavior Expectations Matrix - This table shows the expected behaviors we will teach for each of the four major common areas at school. 

SWLE PBIS Handbook - Click here to download a copy of our school's PBIS handbook. It includes general information over PBIS, possible PBIS lesson plans, discipline policies, etc. 


Raider Pass Policy:


Teachers are provided with a template for 20 raider passes. Teachers will write their names on the back of each pass and cut them out.

A teacher may print and hand out as many passes as they like to any student in any location around the school. Students should receive a pass for exhibiting good behaviors and following school policies. Some examples would include correct behavior in the classroom, hallway, lunchroom, library, playground, or on the bus ramp.

When students receive a pass, it is their responsibility to write their name on the back, younger grades may need help.

Students should place any earned pass into the correct drop box each day. Teachers can create the guidelines for how this will happen at each grade level.

Grades 3-5 have the option of saving passes to use to purchase items at the school store every Tuesday and Thursday. Passes used at the school store are not eligible for weekly drawings.

Each Thursday afternoon, 2 winners from each grade level (K-5) will be chosen. The winning students will be announced Friday morning and will receive their reward.

Two winning staff members will be chosen from the six winning student passes. The winner will be announced Friday morning and receive his/her reward.

This means that each weekly drawing will run from Friday-Thursday with winners being chosen Thursday afternoons and announced Friday mornings


Quarterly Reward Parties:

Students who meet their grade level behavior goals each nine weeks will get to attend the quarterly PBIS reward party. For 1st nine weeks, students attended a picnic outside that included games and extra free time.



At the end of 2nd nine weeks, we will have a PBIS dance party. During their rotation class that day, students will be able to choose from several fun activities and games including a dance party in the gym.


Please encourage your student to meet their behavior goals so they can attend our next nine weeks party!


Goals and data so far:

Our overall goal this year is to reduce the number of office referrals by ~15% as compared to last year. We had 417 total office referrals in the 2017-18 school year. Our goal this year is to bring that number down to 350 or lower. 

Current office referral totals compared to last year:







































 Goal= <350